How to use ixBrowser to make account transactions safer

We all know that most websites and platforms on the market do not allow users to hold multiple accounts, but this is obviously against the user's wishes.

For e-commerce sellers, multiple accounts mean they can list more different products, attract more users and earn more profits. For social media marketers, multiple accounts mean higher user reach, views and fans.

However, registering multiple accounts is a time-consuming and labor-intensive task. Therefore, many people turn their attention to account trading.

Take Facebook as an example. As long as we enter "buy facebook" in Google search, we can find the word "buy Facebook account" in the list of related long-tail words below. And in the search results, we can find a large number of websites selling different types of Facebook accounts.

When users purchase and receive accounts, they will find that the survival rate of these accounts may not be as high as imagined. Why did it happen?

In addition to the low quality of accounts sold by sellers, there are also the following reasons that may lead to a lower account survival rate:

1.Account banned due to improper user operation;
2.Account ban due to changes in account environment;

Account banned due to improper user operation
There are actually many branches about this factor. Part of this may be because the user has performed illegal operations after obtaining the account, or has prematurely started commercial activities with the new account purchased, resulting in the account being banned. These subjective problems can actually be avoided as long as users pay a little attention.

Another part of the problem may be that the user did not assign the profiles with independent fingerprints and the proxies to the accounts after obtaining the accounts, which results in the system detecting associated risks with these accounts. For this situation, users can solve this problem by using anti-detect browser like ixBrowser, which can help users create unlimited profiles with independent fingerprints for the multiple accounts, and users can add proxies to different profiles as needed to achieve double isolation of fingerprints and proxies.

Account ban due to changes in account environment
Even if users avoid illegal operations and isolate their accounts, they will still find that some accounts are suspended. This is caused by changes in the account environment and the proxy used. How to further improve the account survival rate?

At this time, you need to use the profile transfer function in ixBrowser. ixBrowser allow user transfer their profile, and the proxy binds with the profile to another by using ixBrowser transfer code. In this way, sellers can register and maintain accounts through ixBrowser, and transfer the environment to users intact through the transfer function, ensuring the stability of the account environment to the greatest extent and reducing the risk of account suspension.