How to add and use PIA S5 Proxy in ixBrowser

Pia S5 Proxy has over 350 million high-quality residential proxies, covering more than 200 countries and regions. The cleanest, regularly updated pool of fresh proxies in full compliance. Flexible targeting by country, state, city, ISP and ZIP. Easy to integrate with 3rd party software or

Step 1:Download and install PIA

Step 2:Add proxy settings
1.After selecting the country, continent, and city, click the "Refresh" button, and then right-click to select the proxy IP and port

2.Then click the port forwarding list below and copy the port number you just selected

3.Go to ixBrowser and click Create Profile

4.Select a platform, enter a name, and select a group

5.Click on the proxy configuration page, select Socks5 as the proxy type
6.Paste the proxy IP and port in, click Proxy Detection
7.After the setting is complete, click to open the browser and the proxy is ready to use