How to Manage Multiple Facebook Accounts and Avoid Bans

Have you ever experienced a situation where your account was banned by Facebook? Facebook is very strict about account detection. You may have a cup of tea and your account has been banned. You don’t even know the reason for the ban. Therefore, even professional marketing managers and social media experts can hardly sit back and relax.

Fortunately, there are some effective tools and techniques on the market that can help you prevent account bans and manage your multiple Facebook accounts easily, and this article will introduce you to them.

Why Do We Need Multiple Facebook Accounts and The Pros and Cons of Doing So?


Customized marketing: through different accounts, you can customize output content and advertisements for different audience groups and niche markets

Expand the coverage of the enterprise: create separate Facebook accounts for the branches of the enterprise around the world and optimize the content according to the local cultural atmosphere to attract more users from different regions.

Augmented Privacy Measures: The utilization of separate accounts introduces an added dimension of privacy control. This empowers you to manage who can access your personal details and posts, bolstering your overall privacy stance.


Time and Dedication: Juggling numerous accounts demands a significant investment of time and energy to curate, publish, and actively interact with content across various platforms. As a consequence, this could potentially encroach upon your overall productivity and impede your capacity to concentrate on other pivotal responsibilities.

Elevated Likelihood of Errors: Operating multiple accounts heightens the risk of inadvertent slip-ups, such as sharing content on the incorrect account or confusing messages. Such mishaps can cast a negative light on your online image and undermine the very purpose of managing multiple accounts.

Diminished Quality of Interaction: When resources and time are thinly spread across multiple accounts, sustaining distinct and captivating content for each account, while fostering meaningful engagement with followers, becomes a formidable challenge. This can lead to a decline in the quality of interactions and content.

Why Facebook Banned Your Account?
Facebook may ban multiple accounts you own or manage for the following reasons:

Unusual Login Behavior:
Facebook deems atypical login patterns, such as logging into numerous accounts from a single IP address, as a breach of their guidelines. This situation could pose challenges for teams that manage multiple accounts since they might share the same IP address. It's noteworthy that Facebook employs automated tracking mechanisms designed to identify and prevent the utilization of multiple accounts within a single web browser.

Violating Facebook's Terms of Service:
Facebook positions itself as a platform focused on authentic identities and enforces a policy wherein users are allowed only one personal account. If you happen to register and access multiple accounts using different emails and phone numbers from a single device, Facebook's system has the capability to identify this activity. Consequently, this could result in a ban being imposed on all associated accounts.

Spamming or Harassing Other Users:
The existence of multiple accounts can be exploited for spreading spam, disseminating false information, or engaging in harmful behaviors. Facebook is committed to upholding a secure and reliable platform, and thus, implements measures to thwart such conduct.

Manipulating Facebook's Algorithms:
Facebook's algorithms are crafted to uncover suspicious actions. Should the platform detect abnormal trends or activities linked to your accounts, it might flag them as potential instances of fraudulence or spam.

How to Manage Multiple Facebook Accounts without Getting Banned?

Using different devices
Considering the points we've covered earlier, you might be contemplating that utilizing separate devices to access your accounts could present an optimal resolution.

By accessing your accounts through different devices, distinct IP addresses will be associated, thereby complicating Facebook's ability to link them to a sole proprietor.

Nevertheless, this approach can swiftly transform into a substantial challenge and source of inconvenience. The need to frequently switch between devices for the purpose of accessing and overseeing your diverse accounts could prove burdensome. Moreover, the financial implications and intricacies of harmonizing data and configurations across these disparate devices could result in confusion and the potential risk of data loss.

Using proxies
Proxies offer a straightforward approach to overseeing your internet protocol (IP) address. They empower you to effortlessly alter your IP address at your discretion. The functioning of proxies revolves around the straightforward concept of substituting your device's native IP address with an alternate one. Additionally, proxies grant you the flexibility to select the specific type of address that aligns with your preferences.

However, the utilization of proxies on a single device to manage multiple Facebook accounts does introduce a challenge. This limitation translates to the ability to access only one account at any given time. It's essential to exercise caution when switching IP addresses, as Facebook's algorithm might interpret frequent IP alterations as potentially suspicious behavior.

For an optimized resolution, it's advisable to manage your proxies through a dependable proxy management tool. Tools such as Foxy Proxy, which integrates with the Firefox browser, extend this functionality. Nonetheless, for unparalleled outcomes and a seamless amalgamation, ixBrowser stands as the optimal choice, as you'll discover in the upcoming section.

How to Manage Multiple Facebook Accounts with ixBrowser

ixBrowser stands out as an anti-detect browser that empowers you to navigate the online realm incognito. Its primary purpose is to enable anonymous internet surfing. Leveraging its functionalities, you can significantly enhance the efficiency of overseeing multiple Facebook accounts. This advantage stems from two key attributes: Browser Profiles and Seamless Proxy Integration.

ixBrowser's Browser Profiles concept mirrors the comparable feature found in well-known browsers like Chrome, albeit with an elevated degree of potency. What sets it apart is its distinctive robustness.

The Browser Profiles feature within ixBrowser can be likened to amalgamating distinct browsers from various devices into a singular browser interface. Through ixBrowser, the creation of browser profiles equipped with diverse proxies and cookies becomes a reality. This innovative approach empowers you to skillfully manage numerous accounts while mitigating the risk of bans.

Further augmenting its utility, ixBrowser introduces automated cookie import and seamless proxy rotation functionalities. This not only streamlines the management of browsing sessions but also affords you meticulous control over every facet of your online interactions.

Embarking on the journey to utilize ixBrowser for the management of multiple Facebook accounts necessitates just a few prerequisites: the ixBrowser itself, suitable proxies, and a solitary device.

Now, let's delve into the specifics of how you can seamlessly execute this approach.

How to Manage Multiple Facebook Accounts with ixBrowser

1.Download and create a free account
2.Set up or purchase proxies
3.Create profiles in ixBrowser
4.Add Facebook accounts to the profiles
5.Open profiles and mange your accounts

Benefits of Using ixBrowser to Manage Multiple Facebook Accounts

Beyond streamlining the operational process, employing ixBrowser to oversee multiple Facebook accounts offers a host of additional advantages.

Legitimate Usage: Utilizing ixBrowser is entirely within legal bounds. This tool operates transparently and doesn't carry any dubious undertones that could lead to future bans. It's worth noting that the tool itself won't result in bans; rather, it's the violation of Facebook's regulations, such as engaging in spam activities, that poses a risk.

User-Centric Interface: In conjunction with providing a secure environment for managing multiple Facebook accounts without contravening any rules, ixBrowser presents an interface designed for user-friendliness. This interface streamlines the management process and facilitates seamless transitions between various accounts, thereby saving you both time and effort.

Enhanced Security and Privacy: ixBrowser is fortified with anti-fingerprinting technology, bolstering the safeguarding of your browsing data and fortifying your accounts against diverse forms of tracking. This robust approach guarantees the confidentiality of your online actions and minimizes the vulnerability of your accounts to hacking or unauthorized access.

Facilitating Team Collaboration: For social media managers operating within a team, ixBrowser brings forth favorable implications. Sharing browser profiles with colleagues becomes a breeze, fostering a harmonious collaboration environment. This facilitates streamlined teamwork as everyone gains the ability to access and oversee social media accounts without the necessity of repetitive logins and logouts.