Best Multilogin Alternatives in 2023

Under what circumstances do you think your personal information or private information will be invaded and leaked? Most people may say that it is because of system vulnerabilities, loss of mobile hard disks storing private information, hacker attacks, etc. But have you ever thought that the webpages or platforms you visit every day are actually inadvertently obtaining your privacy.

As we talked in our previous blog, More than 60% of the world's users are using the Internet. If you don't take certain protection measures, your personal privacy will undoubtedly be exposed under the sun.

Browser fingerprinting poses a threat to your privacy and is a relatively new technology. To combat this, anti-detect browsers have been developed with specific attributes to resist browser fingerprinting.

To safeguard your privacy, it is advisable to utilize an anti-detect browser such as Multilogin. Multilogin not only reduces tracking and prioritizes privacy but also simplifies the account farming process. However, as safety technology continue to evolve, alternative options to Multilogin, such as Incogniton, Kameleo, and others, have emerged, providing more affordable means to maintain anonymity in your online fingerprint.

This article provides a comprehensive overview of the features offered by the best Multilogin alternatives available. Before delving into that, let's begin by reviewing the fundamental aspects of Multilogin.

What is Multilogin?
Multilogin is a software that allows users to access multiple accounts in one session via virtual browser profiles. The Multilogin cloud stores all cookies and browser history. It provides an elevated degree of security. Only individuals with knowledge of your password can gain access to your account.

In addition, Multilogin offers the ability to create distinctive browsing experiences. By utilizing the Multilogin anti-detect browser, you can effectively navigate the web while generating separate browser fingerprints for each account. These virtual browser profiles are securely stored in dedicated locations, safeguarding your browser fingerprint from potential hackers.else can access your account unless they know your password.

Pros of Multilogin:
Use your browsers to prevent fingerprinting
The core browser engine that might have the ability to build fingerprints are Chrome and Firefox. Multilogin offers a distinct advantage by providing robust browser fingerprint features that enable you to effectively conceal your browser fingerprint.

Facilitating Team Collaboration and Automation
Multilogin caters to businesses with its extensive support for team collaboration. Passwords are securely stored within teams and can be accessed worldwide through individual accounts.

Established and Reliable
Multilogin boasts a longstanding presence in the industry. Renowned for its ability to manage multiple browser profiles and fingerprints, Multilogin has evolved into a mature anti-detect browser software with years of invaluable experience.

Cons of Multilogin
No free trial
Unlike other Multilogin alternatives such as Incogniton, Multilogin does not offer a free trial or refund policy. To access its features, one must subscribe to one of its plans.

High pricing structure
Affordability is a desirable trait for any system that aims to save time and costs. Unfortunately, Multilogin comes with a hefty price tag, which may discourage potential customers. Even with the least expensive plan (Solo), priced at €99 per month, users can only create up to 100 profiles.

Although Multilogin serves the needs of online marketers who wish to manage multiple online identities using virtual browser profiles, its pricing, device compatibility, customer service, and other critical factors may not align with the preferences of many users. In the upcoming sections, we will recommend you the best alternative to Multilogin - ixBrowser.

What is ixBrowser?
ixBrowser is a powerful tool recommended for individuals, agency or company which seeking online anonymity. It offers a user-friendly experience and effectively protects users from unauthorized browser fingerprinting detection.

With ixBrowser, you can effortlessly navigate websites using multiple accounts simultaneously, as it shields you from detection through browser fingerprinting.

By utilizing ixBrowser, you gain the ability to create distinct virtual browser profiles, enabling the seamless management of multiple user accounts within a single web browser.

Use Case for ixBrowser
ixBrowser has a wide range of applications, below are some of the popular use cases among users:

Web scraping
ixBrowser simplifies web scraping by leveraging its anti-fingerprint properties. Legitimate web scrapers can utilize Multilogin's virtual profiles to mask their online activities while accessing desired data.

For those establishing e-commerce businesses, Multilogin proves valuable. Boosting product sales in the online platforms often requires multiple browser profiles. Multilogin allows the setup of numerous merchant accounts using a variety of browser profiles.

Social Media
ixBrowser facilitates the management of multiple social media accounts while minimizing the risk of getting banned. It enables users to maintain numerous profiles across various social media platforms in a safe and secure manner.

Additional Use Cases
The versatility of ixBrowser extends to other purposes as well, including betting, ticketing, traffic arbitrage, and more.

Pros of ixBrowser:
No basic package fee
Everyone loves an affordable system that saves time and cost. Compared with Multilogin, ixBrowser does not charge any subscription fees, whether it is creating profiles or other useful functions, all are permanently free.

Unlimited profiles creation and team member seats
The SOLO package of Multilogin provides 100 profiles and 0 team seats, even the TEAM package only raises these numbers to 300 profiles and 3 team seats. However, for ixBrowser, users can add and manage unlimited team members, and it is free!

Better fingerprint mask performance
We used two detection websites, and to test ixBrowser and Incogniton in default condition. The results shows that ixBrowser successfully passed two detection websites.

Clean and intuitive interface
ixBrowser has a clean interface and it is easy to operate. You can create a new profile in just a few seconds, which is also very friendly for novices.

API Function
ixBrowser provides a powerful API function, which is convenient for users to perform batch operations such as creating profiles, deleting profiles, opening profiles, updating groups, etc. in ixBrowser.

There are many anti-detect browsers on the market, but ixBrowser stands out as the best alternative with its perfect fingerprint camouflage ability and super cost-effective features, it will be you best choice.