Best GoLogin Alternatives

According to recent surveys, more than half of Internet users have been victims of data breaches. Their identities, payment details, social media accounts, email addresses, and more can be inadvertently stolen by hackers. However, you can take some measures to minimize the risk of a data breach to you.

Using anti-detect browser is a good choice, which can effectively protect your data from hackers. And the anti-detect browser is as easy to operate as the regular version of the normal browsers like Google Chrome, Edge, and so on.

Anti-detect browser provides anonymity by changing your digital fingerprint and create fake profile while leaving as little digital footprint as possible. GoLogin is a typical example of an anti-detect browser.

GoLogin has more than 350,000 users, and we can see their promotion on various social media. GoLogin allows users create as many profiles as they like and customize fingerprints settings while storing data in the cloud.

However, with the emergence of more and more anti-detect browsers, people have more different choices, the searches for “GoLogin’s Alternatives” are on the rise. Anti-detect browsers like ixBrowser, Incogniton, and others have found their place among the top answers on the Internet.

Today, I will tell you the best GoLogin alternatives. Before that, let’s have a review of some basic details of GoLogin.

What is Gologin?
In simple words, GoLogin helps users evade platform detection and hacking by creating fake configuration files. With its help, users can create multiple independent accounts under the same platform without being judged as related by the platform, which benefits many e-commerce sellers and digital marketers.

Pros of GoLogin
·Clear interface and quick setting
·Android fingerprint support for profile transfer
·Free trials

Cons of GoLogin
·App crashes sometime
·Customer service may be clueless

Let’s talk about the best alternative of GoLogin, which is ixBrowser!

What is ixBrowser?
ixBrowser is a software that allows users to access and manage multiple accounts in one session through virtual browser profiles. ixBrowser stores all cookies and browser history in the cloud, so no matter where you are, you can easily manage your account with only one computer.

At the same time, ixBrowser provides a number of fingerprint configurations for modification. You can modify them by yourself, or use the default random fingerprint configuration to easily login to your platform account. Due to its powerful fingerprint mask technology, you don’t have to worry about your accounts being detected and banned by platforms.

Core Features of ixBrowser
Compared with traditional browsers, such as Chrome, ixBrowser provides more extensive functions. Here are some of its core features for your consideration:

·Easily create unlimited profiles;
·Customize multiple fingerprint configurations;
·Support all extensions in Google Webstore;
·Easily assign member permissions to achieve efficient teamwork;
·API automation;

Use case of ixBrowser
ixBrowser has several applications, which include:

E-commerce and dropshipping: Easily create multiple accounts on e-commerce platforms without worrying about being blocked by the platform

Multi-accounts for SMM: Create multiple accounts to form a social media matrix to strengthen the promotion of products

Traffic Arbitrage: Operate your traffic arbitrage with ease and stay clear of account bans and suspensions with ixBrowser

Agency: Compete with the largest agencies on the market by securely managing multiple unique accounts with customize digital fingerprint parameters

Online Betting: perform constant deep analysis, move fast and operate across multiple accounts to earn full-time income

Ticket Resell: Buy tickets for shows and sporting events when the sales are launched. Protect thousands of accounts from banning.

Affiliate Marketing: Evade platform detection with fake profiles and create highly scalable affiliate marketing

Price Comparison: Choose the most favorable prices regardless of the geolocation of the visitor. With ixBrowser, you can avoid blocking when trying to bypass the algorithm for generating price differences.

Brand Protection: Visit and report counterfeit goods’ webpages by forging geographic location parameters to maintain brand image

What are the advantages of ixBrowser compared with Incogniton

No basic package fee
Although GoLogin provide free trial, but it is obvious that only 3 profiles can not meet the demands of most users. So you have to pay at least $24 per month to unlock more profiles. However, ixBrowser does not charge any basic package fees!

Unlimited profiles creation and team member seats
Even if you buy GoLogin's most expensive package, there is still a limitation of maximum quantity of profiles and team members. For ixBrowser, users can add and manage unlimited team members, and it is free!

Better fingerprint mask performance
We used two detection websites, and to test ixBrowser and GoLogin in default condition. The results shows that ixBrowser successfully passed two detection websites, but the performance of GoLogin is not that good.