Best Incogniton Alternatives in 2023

Until to April 2022, 63.1% of the world’s population is using the Internet. Due to various factors such as information leakage and platform detection, people pay more and more attention to their privacy protection.

However, everyone might be aware that the means and strength of platform detection are constantly improving. Is there any better way to protect our privacy?

The best you can do to protect your privacy is to use an anti-detect browser that lessens tracking, promotes privacy, and improve work efficiency. When we mention the anti-browser, the first brand comes into people’s brain may be the Incogniton. Definitively, Incogniton has powerful functions and good market promotion. But in this blog, I will introduce to you the best Incogniton alternatives which has perfect fingerprint mask technologies and super high cost performance.

What is ixBrowser?
ixBrowser is a software that allows users to access and manage multiple accounts in one session through virtual browser profiles. ixBrowser stores all cookies and browser history in the cloud, so no matter where you are, you can easily manage your account with only one computer.

At the same time, ixBrowser provides a number of fingerprint configurations for modification. You can modify them by yourself, or use the default random fingerprint configuration to easily login to your platform account. Due to its powerful fingerprint mask technology, you don’t have to worry about your accounts being detected and banned by platforms.

Core Features of ixBrowser
Compared with traditional browsers, such as Chrome, ixBrowser provides more extensive functions. Here are some of its core features for your consideration:

·Easily create unlimited profiles;
·Customize multiple fingerprint configurations;
·Support all extensions in Google Webstore;
·Easily assign member permissions to achieve efficient teamwork;
·Simple browser automation using APIs’

Use Cases for ixBrowser
ixBrowser has a wide range of applications, here are some of the most popular use cases:

Easily create multiple accounts on the e-commerce platform to broaden sales categories and reach users without worrying about being blocked by the platform;

·Social media
Create multiple independent profiles, form a social media matrix, and strengthen product promotion;

·Affiliate marketing
Use different advertising mechanisms, create a large number of accounts, and run different advertising campaigns and marketing programs to increase profits;

·Other use cases
ixBrowser is also suitable for the following purposes: traffic arbitrage, online betting, ticket resale, price comparison, brand protection, etc. For more details, please visit:

What are the advantages of ixBrowser compared with Incogniton
No basic package fee
Everyone loves an affordable system that saves time and cost. Although compared to other browsers, such as Multilogin, the basic package fee of Incogniton is not that high, it still costs you $29.99 per month. However, ixBrowser does not charge any basic package fees!

Unlimited profiles creation and team member seats
Someone might say that Incogniton has free trial, but the free trial package only provides 10 free profiles that cannot meet the needs of many users. No only that, the free trial version doesn’t provide team member seats, users can’t share and work with their colleague. For ixBrowser, users can add and manage unlimited team members, and it is free!

Better fingerprint mask performance
We used two detection websites, and to test ixBrowser and Incogniton in default condition. The results shows that ixBrowser successfully passed two detection websites, but the performance of Incogniton is not that good.

There are many anti-detect browsers on the market, but ixBrowser stands out as the best alternative with its perfect fingerprint camouflage ability and super cost-effective features, it will be you best choice.