March 14 2024

How to add Smartproxy in ixBrowser (Free Trial)

What is Smartproxy?
Smartproxy is a quality proxy service provider that presents an exceptional proxy service suitable for both residential and business applications.

Distinguished by its wealth of features, this proxy service boasts an impressive network of 195 data centers spanning 8 global cities. This extensive coverage provides access to a vast pool of over 65 million IPs, empowering seamless interaction with geo-restricted services. The service also accommodates concurrent proxy connections, enhancing flexibility.

Smartproxy excels in furnishing robust and dependable residential proxies. These IPs are linked to tangible devices like computers and smparphones, allowing internet service providers to perceive them as genuine visitors. Consequently, the likelihood of encountering blocks or restrictions is significantly diminished.

Set up Smartproxy's proxies with ixBrowser
To get things going, download the ixBrowser from the website. After the download is finished, open the app and create an account. You won't take long getting comfortable with ixBrowser, as the interface is simple, and all the features are easy to use. Plus, you can watch step-by-step video tutorials for pretty much every feature this anti-detect browser offers.

Now, let's start integrating proxies with ixBrowser!

Integration with residential proxies
In just a few quick steps, start the proxies integration with ixBrowser:
Smartproxy website
and open the proxy set tab.
2.Navigate to the Endpoint gengerator.
3.Configure the parameters. Set your authentication method, location, and session type.
4.Select the number of proxy endpoints you want to generate (default - 10).
5.Copy the endpoints.

Integration with datacenter proxies
To integrate ixBrowser with Smartproxy datacenter proxies, follow these steps:
1.Open the proxy setup tab.
2.Navigate to the Endpoint generator.
3.Condigure the parameters according to your needs. Enter your credentials for the authentication method, and set a location and session type.
4.Select the number of proxy endpoints you want to generate (default - 10).
5.Copy the endpoints.

1.In the main window, click the Create Profile button.
2.Choose the platform, group, and profile title, then click the Next step button.
3.In the proxy configuration tab, set the proxy method to Custom and choose the supported proxy type.
4.Once you have purchased the residential or datacenter proxy plan from Smartproxy, copy the proxy information to integrate the proxies directly into the browser profile. Once you've entered the proxy details, hit Create.
5/After creating the profile with the proxy settings, click Open, and ixBrowser will start a session with the masked IP address.

Click the below link to get a Smartproxy free proxy (100M) trial quota:
January 24 2024

How to use ixBrowser to make account transactions safer

We all know that most websites and platforms on the market do not allow users to hold multiple accounts, but this is obviously against the user's wishes.

For e-commerce sellers, multiple accounts mean they can list more different products, attract more users and earn more profits. For social media marketers, multiple accounts mean higher user reach, views and fans.

However, registering multiple accounts is a time-consuming and labor-intensive task. Therefore, many people turn their attention to account trading.

Take Facebook as an example. As long as we enter "buy facebook" in Google search, we can find the word "buy Facebook account" in the list of related long-tail words below. And in the search results, we can find a large number of websites selling different types of Facebook accounts.

When users purchase and receive accounts, they will find that the survival rate of these accounts may not be as high as imagined. Why did it happen?

In addition to the low quality of accounts sold by sellers, there are also the following reasons that may lead to a lower account survival rate:

1.Account banned due to improper user operation;
2.Account ban due to changes in account environment;

Account banned due to improper user operation
There are actually many branches about this factor. Part of this may be because the user has performed illegal operations after obtaining the account, or has prematurely started commercial activities with the new account purchased, resulting in the account being banned. These subjective problems can actually be avoided as long as users pay a little attention.

Another part of the problem may be that the user did not assign the profiles with independent fingerprints and the proxies to the accounts after obtaining the accounts, which results in the system detecting associated risks with these accounts. For this situation, users can solve this problem by using anti-detect browser like ixBrowser, which can help users create unlimited profiles with independent fingerprints for the multiple accounts, and users can add proxies to different profiles as needed to achieve double isolation of fingerprints and proxies.

Account ban due to changes in account environment
Even if users avoid illegal operations and isolate their accounts, they will still find that some accounts are suspended. This is caused by changes in the account environment and the proxy used. How to further improve the account survival rate?

At this time, you need to use the profile transfer function in ixBrowser. ixBrowser allow user transfer their profile, and the proxy binds with the profile to another by using ixBrowser transfer code. In this way, sellers can register and maintain accounts through ixBrowser, and transfer the environment to users intact through the transfer function, ensuring the stability of the account environment to the greatest extent and reducing the risk of account suspension.    

January 19 2024

How to use ixBrowser to create a safer and more stable environment for Tinder?

Tinder is a popular online dating application that was initially launched in 2012. It utilizes geolocation features to help users find potential dates nearby. The core mechanism of Tinder is the "swipe" function, where users view other users' profiles, including photos and personal information, and then swipe right to indicate interest or left to pass. When two users mutually swipe right, a "match" is formed, and they can then start private conversations.

The user base of Tinder is diverse, encompassing people of various ages and backgrounds. Although initially perceived as a means for finding short-term relationships, many users have also found long-term partners through Tinder. Additionally, Tinder has introduced various paid features such as Tinder Plus and Tinder Gold, offering more advanced options like unlimited swipes, the ability to change location, and seeing who likes your profile.

Over time, Tinder has undergone several updates in its interface and functionality to enhance user experience and adapt to the evolving online dating market. Despite competition from other dating apps, Tinder remains one of the most popular and widely used dating applications globally.

However, as a popular dating platform, Tinder has a more stringent detection mechanism for account registration.

For an account, what kind of environment is considered independent, safe and stable? You might say an independent proxy, a profile with independent fingerprints, an independent registration information, and enough cookies record.

Indeed, in normal cases, as we mentioned in our previous blogs, the above conditions are sufficient to create a relatively safe and independent environment. Because for most websites or platforms, the core logic of their detection system revolves around these items which are exactly the aim that most anti-detect browser on the market can achieve.

However, during our daily communication with users, we learned that some websites have more stringent requirements for account environments, and Tinder is one of them.

In addition to the agents, fingerprints, registration information and cookies we mentioned above, Tinder will also detect IndexedDB and Local Storage.

What is IndexedDB and Local Storage?

IndexedDB: IndexedDB is a way for you to persistently store data inside a user's browser. Because it lets you create web applications with rich query abilities regardless of network availability, your applications can work both online and offline.

Local Storage: localStorage is a property that allows JavaScript sites and apps to save key-value pairs in a web browser with no expiration date. This means the data stored persists even after the user closes the browser or restarts the computer.

How does ixBrowser solve this problem?
In this case, ixBrowser launched sync IndexedDB and Local Storage function. When cloud backup is turned on, users can enable synchronization of IndexedDB and Local Storage under the preference settings page.

With the support of this feature, users can create a more secure and independent environment for their Tinder account, and no longer have to worry about account bans.
January 02 2024

How to Use BrowserScan to Detect Browser Fingerprints

Risks of Multi-Accounting

Whether in the e-commerce sector, social media platforms, advertising placements, or affiliate marketing, multi-account operations have become a common operational strategy. However, the implementation of this strategy may face a neglected risk, that is, the leakage of browser fingerprints!

Browser fingerprints
are unique sets of information composed of your device and browser settings. If you use the same device and browser while operating multiple accounts, then the browser fingerprints of these accounts will be identical. This could attract the attention of the platform, as it may be considered as brushing or fraudulent behavior, leading to account bans.

For example, on e-commerce platforms, sellers often create multiple accounts to increase product exposure and sales. However, if the browser fingerprints of these accounts are the same, they may be recognized as spam accounts by the platform, resulting in restrictions or bans. Similarly, on social media platforms, marketers also create multiple accounts to promote products or brands. If the browser fingerprints of these accounts are the same, they may be recognized as fraudulent behavior by the platform, thereby affecting marketing results and revenue.

Anti-Detect Browsers Are Not a Panacea

Even though many users have become aware of the risks of browser fingerprinting and have started using fingerprint browsers to mask their real device information, this does not mean that their accounts are completely safe. In fact, due to the different technologies used by different fingerprint browsers, or improper use, personal information may still be leaked, or a false browser fingerprint may be generated. This could lead to the user's device being marked as suspicious by the website platform, or multiple accounts being marked as associated.

Therefore, when using a fingerprint browser, users need to utilize a tool to:

  • Check if their browser fingerprint is authentic

  • See if the local real IP address will be leaked

  • Compare the fingerprint of the fingerprint browser with the browser fingerprint of the real device

  • Compare whether there are many repetitions in the browser fingerprints of different accounts

After confirming the authenticity of the browser fingerprint, it is obviously safer to operate multiple accounts.

Using BrowserScan to Detect Browser Fingerprints

By accessing
with a fingerprint browser or any other browser, you can understand the complete browser fingerprint just by waiting a few seconds.


In this section, you will check the authenticity of the browser fingerprint, giving you a rough understanding of the current browser fingerprint. The main information is as follows:

  • IP address

  • Postal code of the IP address location

  • Geolocation of the IP address (Country, Latitude and Longitude)

  • Time zone of the IP address location

  • Internet service provider of the IP address

  • Browser version being used

  • Operating system of the current device

  • Whether a proxy server is being used


If the authenticity of the browser fingerprint is only 90% or lower, then you need to continue to look at more detailed fingerprint information.

(Values in Red Font are areas of deduction)

IP Address

BrowserScan will use WebRTC to detect if your real IP address will leak. This is because

WebRTC can leak the user's real IP address
. As shown in the figure, the IP address visiting BrowserScan is from the United States, but WebRTC leaked the real IP address (Singapore). In the eyes of some platforms, this user's behavior may be abnormal, especially on some social media platforms.

When you use an anti-detect browser, please be sure to check the IP address to see if WebRTC has leaked your real IP address.


This part can understand the attribution of an IP address (country, state/region, city, postal code), latitude and longitude, and other information. If you need to understand more accurate

, you can click "Show my location on the map" to view. (It can be displayed normally after allowing BrowserScan to obtain the current location information.)


This part is mainly to view browser-related information, such as the operating system and version used by the current user, the type and version of the browser.

The information about

, browser plugins, and other information.


This part is mainly to view hardware-related fingerprint information, such as GPU information, memory size, CPU concurrency, screen resolution,

media device fingerprints
Canvas fingerprint
WebGL fingerprint
, etc.

For example, when the fingerprint browser uses the UserAgent of Mac OS, if the fingerprint browser does not simulate the real Apple computer's GPU information, then the hardware fingerprint information will not match the UserAgent information. This kind of abnormal browser fingerprint will arouse the suspicion of the platform.



The software part is mainly to view the timezone of the IP, check the

local time of the IP address
the language used by the browser
font fingerprint
, whether
Do Not Track
, Cookie and other functions are enabled.

When an IP address is located in the United States, the timezone and local time should also be in the United States, not in other countries.

At the same time, if you are using automated scripts to control the browser, you should also check whether the

browser behaves like a robot
, because website platforms usually do not welcome "robot" visits.

Use the automatic detection function of BrowserScan to see if the current browser has "robot characteristics".

Port scanning
not only risks exposing your personal information but also carries the risk of being hacked. You can use port detection to see if there are any open ports.

Other Tools

In addition to detecting browser fingerprints, BrowserScan also provides other tools. In the previous section, we introduced the automated detection tool and port detection tool. In addition, BrowserScan also offers IP address lookup and Cookie format conversion tools.

IP Address Lookup

IP address lookup
feature includes seven major IP databases and can query the ownership information of an IP address in seven different IP databases. Due to database synchronization delays and differences, it is possible that the same IP address will yield different ownership results when queried in different IP databases. Therefore, when you are operating multiple accounts on a website, and the website is sensitive to changes in the IP address of the account, this feature can come in handy. If the proxy IP address used appears to have different ownership, then you might need to consider changing it.

Cookie Converter

You can check whether there are any missing fields in the Cookie.

BrowserScan supports converting Cookies from Netscape format to JSON format.


BrowserScan is constantly researching browser fingerprinting and continuously optimizing techniques to detect browser fingerprints. If you are currently using anti-detect browsers like AdsPower, Multilogin, Gologin, etc., you might as well use BrowserScan for a detection, just like doing a health checkup, to see if there are any abnormalities. Based on the abnormal information detected by BrowserScan, you can then use different solutions to solve these problems, thereby making your account environment more realistic and your account more secure.

In general, is a powerful browser fingerprints detection tool that can help you understand browser fingerprints and help you in protecting your personal privacy and network security.



December 06 2023

How to add PrivateProxy in ixBrowser

Step 1: Log in to your
account. Then click Buy proxies and choose the type of proxy (residential or datacenter proxy, etc.), package, purpose and country;

Step 2: After completing the payment go to My Proxies tab and click IPs, which will reveal your proxy list with all the required credentials;

Step 3: Download, install, and login to

Step 4: Click "Create Profile" button, in the pop-up page, choose the platform and group, and enter profile info;

Step 5: Go to "Proxy Configuration" page, select the Proxy Method to Custom, and enter the proxy info we generated in Step 2, and press Network Detection;

Step 6: Once the detection passed, you can click create button and start using the proxy with ixBrowser;